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doc_title The Wine Cellar Book - v4.0

The Wine Cellar Book helps you to manage your collection of wines and recipes.

Version 4.0 is the biggest overhaul of The Wine Cellar Book we have ever done, it includes big changes to the Graphical User Interface (GUI), very big changes to the database scheme and much of the technical infrastructure has been changed.

This documentation is currently updated to version 4.0, there is still material which is based on version 3.0 - please be patient.

description Description

A software to manage your private wine cellar and recipe collection. Record your purchases, consumption and other information about your wines, e.g. origin, vintage, price, tasting notes etc. It includes a guest book and event tracking feature which allows you to record details about an event including the menu and wines served.

Feature are described in Feature high lights - “The Wine Cellar Book”.

The recipe book feature allows you to manage your recipes (cooking, cocktails etc.) and pair wines with recipes, ingredients and ingredient groups.

Feature are described in Feature high lights - The Recipe Book.